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Ruby Payne/Love & Logic

"How does poverty impact learning, work habits, decision making? "

"People in poverty face challenges virtually unknown to those in middle class or wealth- challenges from both obvious and hidden sources. The reality of being poor brings out a survival mentality, and turns attention away from opportunities taken for granted by everyone else." Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. is an expert on the mindsets of economic classes and on crossing socio-economic lines for love, work, education, and social change. --blurb
Our Union Expert Group will be using "a framework for Understanding Poverty," by Ruby K. Payne in order to provide practical yet compassionate strategies for addressing its impact on people's lives. -https://www.ahaprocess.com/who-we-are/dr-ruby-payne/

What Is Love and Logic?

"The Gold Standard of practical and effective strategies for…

  • Gaining cooperation from students who don’t respond to traditional behavior management systems
  • Managing large groups of students without having to apply complicated, time-consuming techniques
  • Motivating apathetic students who just won’t try
  • Reducing classroom drama and helping students learn to take responsibility for solving the problems they face
  • Succeeding with extremely difficult Helicopter or Drill Sergeant parents
  • Classroom intervention and behavior management
  • Taking great care of yourself as you inspire your students toward greatness
  • Teaching defiant kids" --blurb

by Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Another strategy to be incorporated into this expert group will be "Teaching with Love and Logic, " by Jim Fay & Charles Fay, Ph.D.https://www.loveandlogic.com/teaching-with-love-and-logic-completely-revised-second-edition