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Learning Through Internship

Learning Through Internship (LTI) One of the basic structures of Big Picture schools is that students spend two days a week out at an internship site. By Learning Through Internship (LTI), a student will learn math, science, reading, writing and many more skills that he or she cannot learn in a classroom. LTIs are not meant to help students pick out a particular career. At their LTIs, students will learn the skills needed to go on to college and beyond.
LTI Visits
The advisor regularly communicates with the mentor to monitor and assess the student’s progress. Together they plan authentic challenging projects, which become part of the student’s learning plan. The best LTI projects occur when both the student and mentor are helped by the work.
Interest Exploration
In order to pursue their passions, students must find out what they are passionate about. As part of advisory, students will begin to explore their interest. Exposure to new ideas, places, cultures and information is part of the school experience.
LTI Search
Students learn to make professional phone calls, conduct informational interviews and spend the day at workplaces around the community in order to find a good internship. A good internship is one that the student is interested in, where the mentor is a good match for the student and where there is the potential for rigorous project work which will help the student and the LTI site.
LTI Setup
Before each LTI is set up, the potential mentor goes through a background check to ensure that they are an appropriate placement. Then a set­up meeting occurs to plan the LTI.